21700 State Route 9
Mount Vernon, WA 98274
Welcome to LARC and the opportunity to experience clothes-free recreation. We are members of the American Association for Nude Recreation and participate with The Naturist Society.

How To Become A Member of LARC

You may have visited LARC several times or haven’t decided when or if to be a first time visitor. It’s very easy. Give us a call, 360-445-6833, or email us. Weekends are the best time for your first visit.

Many people want to know what the requirements are to join LARC. We ask that you visit  at least three times before completing the membership paperwork. Any weekend or LARC event is the best opportunity to meet other members. The membership paperwork consists of completing a screening form (one per applicant) and paying the one-time registration fee. The form is submitted and in 24 hours (Mon-Fri) we will have the results. What we are screening for is felony abuse.

The next form to complete is the application for membership. After completion, it is submitted to the Membership Committee for review.

If there are no concerns, it will be approved and signed by four members.

The applicant will be notified of approval, membership fees will be collected and a temporary membership card issued.

OK, so now you know the “cut and dried” information to become a member. You may be asking “what’s in it for me other than paperwork?” How about enjoying the camaraderie of a fun group of people or making life-long friends?

Please read our “First Timer Stories” for a personal perspective.

Read the LARC Agreement, By-Laws & Constitution (pdf)

LARC – Membership Fees

Full Membership

Single $207.00
$165.00 Membership
$30.00 AANR
$12.00 AANR-NW
Couple $406.50
$330.00 Membership
$52.50 AANR
$24.00 AANR-NW

Full Membership includes voting privileges, day use fees, Rockin the Park event fee, reduced overnight fees (does not include rentals) and the newsletter.

Supporting Membership

Single $77.00
$35.00 Membership
$30.00 AANR
$12.00 AANR-NW
Couple $131.50
$55.00 Membership
$52.50 AANR
$24.00 AANR-NW

Supporting Membership includes Rockin the Park event fee and the newsletter.

There is a one-time fee for application processing.
$20.00 – single
$40.00 – couple
Annual Lot Lease – $1,400
Must be a Full Member to obtain an annual lot lease

The Naturist Society
1 year  $60.00 / Senior (65 and over)  $50.00