21700 State Route 9
Mount Vernon, WA 98274
Welcome to LARC and the opportunity to experience clothes-free recreation. We are members of the American Association for Nude Recreation and participate with The Naturist Society.

Rules of Conduct


All visitors, members and guests of members must register at the office. Guests of members are subject to grounds fees and appropriate overnight charges. Members are responsible for their guests, including registration and payment of applicable fees.


  • Always remain within the boundaries of the club, while unclothed.
  • When nude, please sit upon your own towel.
  • A cover-up is required at the office area.
  • Please dispose of litter properly.
  • Extinguish cigarettes in a “smokers receptacle”.
  • Roads are one way. Bridge is restricted to ATV’s, golf carts and foot traffic only.


  • First Aid Kits are located in the shower building (close to hot tub) and office.
  • Pay phone is located outdoors at the office with street address posted above phone.

Hot Tub

  • Door lock combination is 12345. Door should securely close when entering and leaving area.
  • Glass beverage containers are prohibited in and around the hot tub.
  • Hot tub is equipped with a large red emergency button. When pushed, an alarm will sound and pump will stop. Pulling button out shuts off alarm and starts pump.
  • No swim suits in hot tub.

Quiet Hours and Fires

  • Quiet hours are: Sun-Thurs 11pm to 8am, Fri 12am to 8am, Sat 1am to 8am
  • Individual fires must have a covering to contain embers.
  • All fires must be extinguished when quiet hours commence.
  • This campground will obey all local burn bans.


  • Children are to be supervised by their parents or a designated, responsible adult.
  • Use of hot tub by children under 6 is discouraged due to the health risk. Parents are advised to make a careful decision and to monitor closely while child is in spa.


  • All photography is subject to the camera policy. Copies are available at the office. Any photos taken, in violation of these rules, will be subject to confiscation. No photos may be taken without permission, or if a minor, the permission of the parent or legal guardian.
  • Photos submitted for publication shall have a photo release, signed by the person or persons pictured.


  • Pets are to be kept at the owner’s campsite and will, at no time, be allowed on the sunning lawn or in any buildings, unless a “service dog”.
  • If you are a day visitor, your pet must stay at your vehicle when not being walked.
  • Pets may be walked, on a leash, on our roads and trails.
  • Owners will clean up after their pets and to keep them from creating disturbances.


  • Parking is allowed in designated areas only.

Conduct is expected to be of the highest standards and must at all times be appropriate for a family setting. The following are strictly prohibited and may result in expulsion from the grounds and/or revocation of membership:

  • Lewd behavior or language
  • Intoxication
  • Use of illegal substances
  • Any conduct that is criminal
  • Causing, attempting to cause, or threatening injury or damage of another person or their property
  • Use of firearms
  • Photography or video camera use without permission

Complaints, which the parties involved are unable to resolve among themselves, should be referred to the LARC Board. The Board at its discretion may require that such complaint be put in writing.

Lake McMurray Rec. Resort (LMRR) at its sole discretion, reserves the right to revoke the membership of and/or require any person to immediately vacate the premises for reasons of nuisance, improper conduct or other rule violations, WITHOUT REFUND OF DUES OR FEES!

Read the LARC Agreement, By-Laws & Constitution (pdf)

Please read this important information about our campground. (pdf)